Started on June 17, 2024

Kids go Kiteboarding

Our Kid’s Kiteboarding lessons are held by our specific for training kids-educated IKO instructors. Specific equipment and individual timing secure the safety and best progress for the Kids.

To be able to teach Kids from the age of 8 years and a minimum weight of 30kg, our IKO instructors have passed a specific course to approach and educate the Kids in the most advanced and safe way. Specific equipment in small sizes is used to make sure that the kids can handle the kite well and reach all safety systems at all times. Lessons of smaller duration make sure that the learning stays exciting and does not reach the limit of energy. We always keep the fun up to make sure they the kids enjoy their time with us. To make sure that Kids always have the full attention of the instructors we only teach one on one. Your Kid’s safety is our first priority.

Our Instructors

Our team of certified and experienced instructors values the individuality of every kite student, be it in a group or private lesson. Our groups of 2 students with one instructor are very intensive, but some students still prefer the undivided attention of their instructor. With origins from all over the world, we teach in English, Greek, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. We have a lot of experience in teaching kids and making them feel safe and have fun.

  • What is Expected in a Lessons
  • Training– the right balance of theory and practice to learn how to handle and set the equipment, enter the water, and manage the power of the kite to gain the experience to add the board on the feet to practice the water start
  • Waterstarting – when kids go into deep water, our instructor will always be next to them with the support of a Jetski to secure the highest progress with minimum risk for the Kids.
  • Knowledge – all knowledge about equipment, environment, weather, and kiteboarding is taught in a kid-friendly and interesting way. Fun is always important to keep the motivation of the kids up.
  • Safety – all our lessons are done with the IKO standards to keep safety at the highest possible level. Training Kids is a high responsibility for us and all classes are tailor fit to assure that we never reach the limit of safety.