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Started on July 13, 20241h

Learn how to Wingfoil

Discover the thrill of Wingfoiling, the new Watersport that blends the best technologies from kitesurfing, windsurfing and hydro foiling allowing for a completely new experience on the water. Perfect for adventure seekers, people looking to have fun in all wind conditions and Watersport newbies Blending together the technology from the kitesurfing industry materials, the more direct feeling of the wind from the windsurfing industry, and the amazing capabilities of the hydrofoil technology wing foiling allows you to start enjoying your session with as low as 10 knots all the way to surfing with effortless glide in stronger winds. At PKPC we offer a 6h private wing foil coaching package to get you started. We have split the content into 3 sessions in which our instructors will teach you how to handle the wing and the board in and out of the water, the first lesson can be done with the help of an SUP in order to completely master the wing movement and get used to the board balance. In the second session a shorter foil mast is added allowing for more control and less lift, we intensively train how to balance your body to keep the Hydrofoil board steady, keep in mind that small movements have a big impact on the behaviour of the Hydrofoil wing. In the third session our experienced instructors will help you work on your technique and help you be fully independent. In order to maximise the progression and the safety all our lessons are done with the support of VHF radios and rescue boat support which allow our instructors to always be in contact with you. REQUIREMENTS – be at least 12 yrs – Know how to swim